1025 X 768 (begun 2017)

Ensevelir (2018)
Galerie d'Art d'Outremont


studio work:
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Penthesilea (2012)
Maison de la Culture Frontenac, Montréal


me_me_2007 (2007)
Galerie Joyce Yahouda, Montréal

  peintures Fossil
(recent painting)
  creation Creation of knowledge (painting event, 2003)  

Phasis (a series of prints and images, 2002)
Esthésio art contemporain, Québec

dreams   dreams destroyer of worlds (2016)  
heaven   How do you imagine Heaven? (2016)  
water   Water (2015)  
development   Human development (2015)  
  Water pictures (2015)  
  Little houses (2015)  
  Writer's block (2015)  
meltdown   Are we having a meltdown? (2015)  
giraffe   Giraffes (2015)  
dance   Dance dance dance (2014)  
orion   Space Invaders (2014)  
jewels   Jewelry (2014)  
night   Nightvision (2014)  
leda   Leda (2014)  
bison   Bison (2014)  
  God is here too (2015)  
fire   God is here (2014)  
fog   Fog (2014)  
headhunter   Headhunter (2014)  
pieces   Pieces of Art History (2014)  
sorry   Sorry (2014)  
france   Tell Them You're from France (2013)  
electric   It's electric! (2013)  
car   Ducks and Cars (2013)  
fish   Fish (2013)  
vacarme   Vacarme (2012)  
rouen1   Cathédrale (2012)  
  Shifting city (2015)  
mountain   Mountain (2012)  
origin   Charles Robert Darwin, FRS,
On the Origin of Species,
published on the 24 of November, 1859,
The complete facsimile edition, on line,
2010 by Andres Manniste
(internet 2010)

My summer vacation
(internet 2008)

penthesilea   Penthesilea (temporary link, internet. 2007)  
supercolumbine   Supercolumbine
(HTML , 2007)
me_me   me_me
(HTML, 2006)
cacophonie   Cacophony of the spirits (HTML, 2005)  
phasis   Phasis
(HTML, 2004)
lacorne   Corne
(HTML, 2003)
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resumé Andres Manniste
about my work (a fairly brief introduction to my work and artist statement as of now) 
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  University     light_dark
  University_haecceity, 2017 (2,29 x 1,7 m)     Light_dark, 2019 (2,29 x 1,7 m)
  Celery_strawberry, 2018 (2,29 x 1,7 m)