Ensevelir loosely means throwing a shovel of dirt on a casket. This work brings me close to paint. I cover renderings with layers of points until they become an atmospheric haze.

My work has been called "Post-Internet" or "Concrete poetry". My paintings express the subtle changes in my perception as I see the processor and network become a model of thought. I apply points, each one a reaffirmation of my physical presence, and they begin to resemble the graininess of a computer monitor and so burying images actually is the type of painting that I'm doing.

The idea for the Rouen Cathedral series came from an animated gif I made in 2012, Cathedrale that expressed my interest in Monet revisiting the same subject each summer. Each of the 32 paintings in the series is the size of a television that I bought for an art project and now watch from my couch day after day. Instead of a Cathedral, I paint what I see on the screen in a different atmosphere and light.

Photo: Guy L'Heureux   Photo: Guy L'Heureux
Photo: Guy L'Heureux   Photo: Guy L'Heureux
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Catalogue with text in French and English by Dorian Batycka, 2018